Garden Day

Garden Day furthers Ann Norton’s vision to foster learning in a creative outdoor environment. Students travel the two-acre Gardens during this unique and interactive field trip while learning every aspect of a subtropical ecosystem. Students discover the crucial role of water, bees, worms, soil and weather in growing a garden to become a nutritious and delicious food source.

In partnership with the American Heart Association and Whole Foods, students enjoy a wholesome and heart-healthy Rainbow Salad Bar for lunch and lessons about the positive benefits of healthy and tasty food right from the garden.

Approximately 300 Title 1 students will attend this educational program. Past presenters have included: American Heart Association, Bee Barf Apiaries “Importance of Bees,” Collective Water Resources “Water Sustainability,” Deborah Burggraaf “Butterflies”, Kai Kai Farm “Good vs Bad Bugs in the Garden,” Mounts Botanical Garden “Wonder and Awe in the Garden,” Palm Beach Palm and Cycad Society “Palms and Cycads,” Scott Lewis “Gardening and Trimming – Planting the seed,” Whole Foods West Palm Beach and Youth Environmental Alliance “Wiggly Worms.”